Composite Filter Flickering Genesis Plus GX


When using Blargg’s NTSC composite filter for the Genesis Plus GX core v1.7.4 I get weird color shiftng/flickering on the waterfalls in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Shinobi 3. The flickering does not appear on the s-video or RGB variants.

Here is a video of the issue. I show the three aforementioned filters being used, the flickering from the composite filter starts at about the one-minute mark.

I really love the way Blargg’s NTSC composite filter looks, but this flickering is absolutely jarring and makes the filter unusable.

Does anyone have any ideas on what’s happening or what I can do to fix this?

The flickering happens whether I have shaders on or off. Also, the other composite shaders I’ve tried simply pale in comparison to Blargg’s. They don’t do enough pixel blending and wash out the colors too much.

Thanks in advance for any advice or time you can share.


That’s just an artefact of that particular filter. It’s unavoidable unfortunately. Try the GTU50 shader. It has composite filtering, you can adjust the colours and you can also adjust the amount of signal blur on both the horizontal and vertical axis.


Thanks for the reply! I ended up using the Royale S-Video 256 shader with some added bilinear filtering. Totally gets me the results I want.

I am going to mess with the GTU50 shader you mentioned, though. Always good to have more options.