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With everybody posting about different setup questions and products, I thought to create this topic to keep all of it together. There has also been some suggestions from multiple other users to create a separate topic specifically to keep other topics clean.

On this you can ramble on as much as you want without having to worry about going off topic. Have fun everybody.


If anybody is looking for a VESA mount bracket for the PlayStation 3D Display, there is a 3D printed kit sold on Etsy by somebody in Croatia. He also sales other brackets for other monitors that also don’t have VESA mounting holes available.

Finally got around to building my first pc. It took me about 3 hours but has been pretty good so far. I plan on getting another 27" 1440p monitor that has hdr400 next, so the parts I picked are based around that.

I can finally properly play my favorite console on PC

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