Configuration Not Saving

I am using the 32-bit RetroArch on my Android tablet.

I have my configuration settings as:

“Save Configuration on Quit” =On

“Use Global Core Options File” =Off

I want these important settings to stay after exiting/resetting RetroArch, but they keep going back to defaults:

Hotkey “Menu (Toggle)” to be the controller’s Home button.

“Menu Swap OK and Cancel Buttons” to =Off

Quick Menu->On-Screen Overlay->“Hide Overlay When Controller is Connected” =On

Are you exiting via the menu with “quit retroarch”? Aside from that, you should be able to go to main menu > configuration file > save current configuration to make it save immediately. Also, make sure you do this with no cores/content loaded, just to be sure.

I think that was the problem. The reason is because I was not using the correct version for my Android operating system, causing it to crash frequently. So when it was crashing it was not saving the configuration. I have a more compatible version now that never crashes (Google Play Store version), so I am quitting the application appropriately now and it is saving the configuration.

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