Connecting 15khz CRT RGB TV via VGA

I found this 20" consumer TV in the dumpster yesterday “FUNAI 20A 1110”. I has SCART and also RGB input from what I can tell.

Now I thought would be easy enough to buy a VGA to SCART adapter and hook it up my HP EliteDesk USDT computer.
But I heard that only ATI cards can deliver a 15khz video signal. My computer only has integrated Intel HD4000 graphics. Will it be able to supply this TV with an image? If not, would it then be possible to use an MXM card such as this one for that purpose?

Intel 15 Khz works with Linux. Might work with Windows, but I couldn’t get it to work, and my primary cards are by Nvidia anyway, which also work without problem under Windows.


Thanks! Which adapter did you use? I am planning to build one myself. Commercial ones with active circuitry seem pretty scarce.

My guess for the preference of ATI cards is that they can be used without active adapter since they also transmit some sync signal or something like that…

I’m using the UMSA from Arcadeforge. The preference for ATI is likely due to compatibility with CRT Emudriver for Windows and they tend to have lower pixelclocks, which can be an advantage. Though probably not for Retroarch.

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