Constructor Flickering on Beetle PSX Cores

Video of What Happens:


How can I fix this? I am using Default Options and GLCORE Video Plugin

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Try switching to the vulkan or software renderers.

Tried Vulkan,GL Cores and Direct Video Plugins and does not make a Difference.

What is the Software Render?

Worked on PSX ReArmed fine but it does not Support the Playstation Mouse which makes it lot easier to play

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If you switched to d3d9/10/11/12, it would have fallen back to software rendering automatically, in which case there’s nothing to be done about it, as it’s not a renderer issue but a core/accuracy issue, it seems.

Okay. Should I put Issue in the Github for Beetle PSX?

Went to the Beetle PSX Github and they could not fix the Problem 100%

Guess have to use Duckstation and PSX ReArmed Cores where it works. Just sadly those 2 Cores you can use the Mouse on them