Controller autoconfig fails to detect 8BitDo and Retro-Bit controllers

I’ve got two Retro-Bit Sega Saturn bluetooth as well as two M30 from 8BitDo that I’m trying to use with RetroArch. For both of those controllers there seem to be autoconfig files available:

GitHub 8BitDo M30 autoconfig file GitHub Retro-Bit Saturn autoconfig file

Despite those config files being available on my system, all for controllers don’t get automatically detected by RetroArch. The Retro-Bit controller is detected as an “Xbox One Controller” for example.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I have do maybe manually edit some additional files to get the automatic detection working?

Use different pairing modes. I think the “Android” pairing mode will usually report the actual controller.

Interesting, never thought of that. But is the Android pairing mode going to work on a Windows- or Linux-based system as well?

It works anywhere. It just controls what the device reports its vid/pid as. The compatibility modes just lie and report the same vid/pid as a generic xbox or Wii U or Switch or whatever pad.