Controller config- 2 buttons that do the same input

Is there anyway to have 2 controller buttons mapped to the same emulator input? IE buttons x and b, both sending a b button input? Thanks.

Yes, using the core input remapping.

Could you elaborate on what you mean? That seems like that would only help me remap buttons core to core. I want two gamepad buttons to handle the same emulator input within a single core.

oh, my bad, I got it backwards. You can do multiple core buttons to a single retropad button (for example, Dpad-D, Dpad-R and SNES-B all assigned to retropad-B [not that you would ever want to do such a thing, but whatever…]) with the remaps. You want to do the opposite, which is unfortunately not possible :frowning: (at least within RetroArch. I think you can do some tricks with external programs)

Aww dang, that kinda stinks. thanks, for the quick replies. I appreciate it.

@M00nthel00n I think only MAME cores can do that. But it’s not very user-friendly to set up.

Launch a game and press TAB to open core internal settings and select the Input (general) or (this machine). Choose a button in the list, press enter, then press a button on your game pad, repeat to add another button.

You can assign up to 8 buttons to a single input. Clear the assignment completely by mashing the living crap out of the enter button (I wish I was joking)

It’s possible, but not that I know of within RetroArch natively.

I use this to map both L-Trigger & R-Trigger on my controller to Z-Trigger for N64 games.

I use (and consistently recommend as highly as possible) Xpadder.

I assign all my controls to a keyboard in normal use. Then, I go to the Z button, and map it to the controller’s other trigger as well.

So, for Z-Trigger in RA it would have an entry for both the keyboard, and the controller.

In your instance you’d probably do that in reverse, that is to say you have the controller natively mapped, and then would make one keyboard mapping on the controller and use Xpadder to map that key to the button you want to use.

If that is confusing, let me know and I’ll try to show you what I mean. I is not so gud wit da wurdz.

found it, if you set maximum port 2. set the keybind for first port and second port. then run the game and open quick menu, open control. click port 2. then then change mapped port to 1. what this does is making the button from port 2 used in port 1’s input. i did it in ppsspp tho i think its possible for other core aswell

Hello guys! Maybe my question is simple, maybe not.

All I need to be happy in my fighting games (arcade and dreamcast games) is to find a way for retroarch to accept three button inputs (or two depending on the game) on the same button!

my joystick has six buttons on the front and four shoulders on top, I need to map three inputs (3xPPP) three punches and (3xkkk) three kicks or 2xPP or 2xKK on the same shoulder! so you don’t have to press all the buttons together!

It is possible?

Thanks in advance!

RetroArch does not support macros on its own. You can use an external program such as autohotkey or Steam’s input layer to program such things, though, and IIRC the FBNeo core provides some capability for assigning common macros in quick menu > controls.

thank you so much for that now i know exactly where i should look!

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