Controller mapping problems with Dolphin in 1.9.8

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has any ideas on this problem. I’ve been using Retroarch 1.9.5 successfully for quite a while on my Xbox Series X however every version I’ve tried since 1.9.6 has issues with the Dolphin core that I can’t solve, as a result I’ve stayed with 1.9.5 where all the emulators I want to use work fine.

Recently 1.9.5 stopped working in DX11 and DX12 mode on the Series X (loads with a blank screen) even after fresh installs, which I think may be a result of an Xbox system software updated released on the 22/08/2021.

So I’ve now been forced to run a later version of Retroarch. On 1.9.8 I can get C64, Amiga, NES, SNES, N64, Genesis emulation working fine but Dolphin is giving me problems with Gamecube and Wii games.

The first issue is that direction mapping is messed up since 1.9.6 for games that use the Wii (sideways) controller mode - switching the controller input to sideways no longer corrects the D-Pad orientation to be the right way around for a game expecting a sideways controller such as New Super Mario Bros Wii, which is the main game we play in Wii emulation.

Not the end of the world as I can manually reconfigure the D-pad directions to compensate for this.

The second issue is that there doesn’t seem to be any IR support anymore - previously you could use the right stick to move the IR pointer and there were a couple of different modes you could use to move it in (absolute and relative) in the core options - however those options seem to be gone and there is no way to emulate the IR pointer that I can find, making some games unplayable.

The third issue is tilt support seems to have been removed from the controller bindings. In 1.9.5 it was possible to bind a couple of buttons (I used left trigger and right trigger) to tilt left and tilt right - this is essential for New Super Mario Bros Wii to be able to tilt certain platforms. When binding the controller functions in Wii (sideways) controller mode the tilt bindings simply aren’t there to choose from anymore.

I’ve spent a couple of hours solid trying to figure out these problems and while I can work around the D-Pad orientation issue I can’t fix the tilt or IR pointer issues.

Anyone have any suggestions ? Because it’s input/controller related I’m not even sure whether these problems are regressions in the Dolphin core or changes in the common retroarch frontend / input system or a bit of both.

Another issue I’ve noticed which is probably a retroarch front end bug is when I first go into the controller settings for the core all the bindings are “missing”, I have to toggle to a different controller mode and then back again before the bindings appear.

All these things worked perfectly in 1.9.5 so its a shame that so much is broken in later versions and that it’s now no longer possible to run 1.9.5 on an Xbox.

Well I’ve managed to find a workaround that will work for now.

I used makexapp.exe to extract the UWP installer for Retroarch 1.9.5 to obtain the old version of dolphin_libretro.dll, and then copied that into place in the installation on the Xbox to downgrade just the Dolphin emulation core to the version shipped with 1.9.5 and that has fixed all the issues - IR support is back and so is tilt support. In fact everything just started working properly again without any changes as my previous controller profiles started working again.

The broken version of dolphin-emu shipped in 1.9.8 is f2958da, the version I’ve downgraded to from 1.9.5 is 1fbd599 and seems to work OK within Retroarch 1.9.8.

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