Controller not working once game is launched


Hi ,

I just bought my first fire tv 3rd gen and installed retroarch and using MY OWN LEGALLY DUMPED CARTS for the games. I bought a bluetooth controller that seems to work fine. When I go to launch a game it loads up and goes through the demo but then I have no controller response at all. I have to hit the home key on my fire remote to get out and force stop retroarch. If there a fix out there for this I would much appreciate it.



Try to manually map your gamepad in input 1 binds and disable autoconfig.


Thanks for your reply talos91. I tried what you said but still having same problem. Also tried reinstalling retroarch but still same results. Anyother ideas?


Libretro! Please! Help me, if possible. I’m having problems on the android version. My USB gamepad working in GUI menu of retroarch, but not in ROMS ! Gamepad defined as Tomee_N64_USB_controller in Retroarch (through OTG microusb interface). It is determined in the retroarch menu and works fine, but as soon as you launch any rom in any core - it’s not work. if after that you go to the retroarch menu, the gamepad also stops working! if you restart retroarch - the gamepad in the menu will work again, but only until the first launch of the rom :(. P.S. My android device - redmi 5.