Controller Profiles not being saved properly

Hello I am setting this up on my cabinet for which I have two Ultimarc Ultrastik 360’s and a couple of Microsoft Xbox 360 handheld controllers.

I am on version 1.17.0. I unplugged all controllers except one U360 and I went into settings/input/RetroPad Binds/ Port 1 and defined all the controls… then told it to save the profile.

I found the file in the file system under Automaps and opened it and the only thing in it was the header with the PID and VID. No definitions for any of the buttons or the hat the way I had defined them.

So after this I moved all the predefined controller profiles out of the Automaps folder and did the same just to be sure it wasn’t trying to use some other prebuilt map. Same behavior. So I tried with the Xbox 360 controller and had the same issue - only showed a couple of axis definitions and the VID/PID … the map was not properly loading when removed and plugged back in too.

I also can’t find a retroarch log so I’m working on setting that up so I can see if it’s logging any errors when trying to save the profile.

I feel like I’m missing something because if everyone is having this there would be people all over having issues I would think.



The exact same thing is happening to me and it’s driving me insane. I’m also having new configs be created out of thin air for the same controller (8bitdo N64 modkit). I already have a .cfg file for it with the correct vendor ID’s, then retroarch creates a new profile, with the SAME ID’s.

This has to be the worst possible way to handle controls for any piece of software I’ve ever used.