Controller Remap limitation

Core and game remaps work fine, but seem dependent that the same controller is being used. If you start using another type of controller, the remaps will be foreign to the new controller configuration and just not work. For example, I can either use an Xbox controller or my arcade control panel for playing games in RA. I have per-core remaps (arcade control panel) just to keep button actions like jump, shoot, etc consistent across all cores. When I switch to my xbox controller, controls obviously don’t work unless I go to input and reset to defaults. That’s just a temporary work around though of course.

Has there ever been any thought on making core remaps a bit more flexible based upon the controller identity? Or am I missing something where I can accomplish what I want already?


No way to do it currently.

I’m no expert but remaps (per core, per game…) saves the buttons for “retropad”, it doesn’t matter witch controller you are using, as long as the controller is configured properly.

I have 2 controllers, an F310 and an arcade stick, both are working and remaps are relative to the “virtual” retropad. I can plug-in either of them and remaps will be there.

If I didn’t understand the issue I apologize…

I figured as much HunterK.

My proposed solution would be the following:

Maybe there could be 1 remap file still, but with different sections for each controller profile. That would work also for game remap files.

Reading custom configuration files is pretty straightforward stuff. I do it in powershell all the time.


Remaps are based off the controller profile being used at the time they are saved. When a different controller is used, the button id’s will not be the same and therefore the remap won’t be any good.