Controller stops working when going into Quick Menu

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help me with this otherwise I will have to give up on my RG35xx console.

My Issue is that after I start a game and go into the quick menu, I can’t do anything anymore except reset my rg35xx.

The details:

I have my external controller port 2 set as port 1. So by this logic, the rg35xx and the controller should be the same.

So let’s say I start Resident Evil 2 and I go into the quick menu. Everything is fine, both the controller and rg35xx work and I can then resume the game. Btw, in game, everything works fine, both the controller and the console work.

But after I play the game for even 1 minute, I go back into the quick menu and I can’t do anything. No button is working on the controller and on the rg35xx except the reset button.

Since in the Retroarch there is always a description of the current option selected in the bottom of the screen, I know that it’s not frozen cause the description tag is moving. It’s just the controller and my consoles controls completely stop working.

I tried resetting Retroarch and setting it up from scratch but I end up having the same issue.

If somebody has an idea I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!