Controller switching?


I am playing Rainbow Islands (again!) and I have got almost to the end. Suddenly, when playing it puts me into Player 2 mode and I cannot control the character and keep dying :frowning: This happens after loaded the game from a save state.

Am I missing something obvious to get it to work? I am on Linux Mint 19.3 Desktop.

Thank you K

EDIT: I found something here about changing the controller in settings but it just says error writing autoconf?

I don’t know why it would be pushing you into the second controller, but all you should need to do would be to go to settings > input > port 1 binds/controls and go to ‘device index’ and set it to use your gamepad.

Thanks Hunter, just checked, the two setting are identical and I don’t really want to buy a second controller to finish the game. I don’t even know why it has shifted to player 2 as I have full lives and haven’t died. I can’t save controller file (autoconf error). So annoying when I am closed to finishing it. I haven’t played it as two player any time. Also if I die rather than flicking back to player 1, it keeps me on player 2?

Well I’ve totally broken RA now, won’t do anything past the loaded screen :frowning:

Your issue shouldn’t require saving a new autoconfig.

If it’s not even opening, you can try moving your retroarch.cfg somewhere else temporarily to see if a bad setting is causing it.

Which core are you using? Can you post a log of it switching you to p2?

Thanks for the assist so far.

Well… last night it RA totally would not work so I clicked I had the flatpak version. Uninstalled it and used the proper PPA one. (So it now looks like the PS3 screen)

Cannot find where the saves where from the previous version (don’t think they will have been deleted but?) So I was going to play it through again to see if I could replicate it - is everything logged automatically?

(Sorry for the questions)

Weirdly it has just started working properly?

No problem, that’s how we like it :slight_smile: