Controller Triggers Not Working

I have been using the Stadia controller on my Pixel 6. Most buttons are working perfectly normal, but RetroArch does not recognize the triggers. When trying to register the triggers, both of them show up as “0” instead of a specific number for each trigger.

I found the default controller profiles for other inputs, including PC. All of them have different button inputs, but they all work. I tested the controller with RetroArch on Windows and the triggers work perfectly fine.

I thought it was an Android issue not reading the controller correctly, but both the GamePadTester app and website both recognize the triggers, on top of other apps like Yaba Sanshiro and DuckStation recognize the triggers, while others like Drastic and RetroArch not recognizing them.

Attached are the default profiles I found in the autoconfig repo for dinput, hid, sdl2, and udev. Also attached is the Android profile made when I tried to configure the controller.

I would also like the extra buttons on the controller to work, but that’s just me being greedy.

Just got the bluetooth update for the controller. The same issue still persists.

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I’m having the exact same problem. Looking for solutions but so far coming up short.