Controllers´ order mixed after unplugging one of them (device index)

I want to use an Xbox 360 Gamepad for menu navigation next to an Speedlink Competition Pro USB on 70ies/80ies systems like C64, Amiga and Atari 2600. By simply switching the port e.g. in the vice core via virtual keyboard and the “joy” button, I can either use the Xbox 360 gamepad or the Competition Pro for controlling the game.

But the configuration does not work as expected. When I have plugged in both controllers, I can navigate via keyboard to “Settings/Input”. Then, I can assign the Xbox controller as “Port 1 Controller” and the Competition Pro as “Port 2 Controller” via “device index”. Everything works now as expected. When I restart RetroArch (with both controllers still plugged in), I get the message: “Speedlink Competition Pro configured in Port 1”. Despite of this, the Xbox 360 controller still works for navigation, and settings/input is still set accordingly.

But when I unplug the Competition Pro only from the PC (because it is not needed all the time), the navigation via Xbox 360 gamepad does not work anymore. “Settings/Input” says “n.a. (port 1)” for “Port 1 controller/device index” and “Xbox 360” for “Port 2 controller/device index”.

Is it possible to avoid this behaviour? Thanks a lot in advance for any hints!

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