Controls assuming Vertical Mode even when it's off


I’m running into an issue where Retroarch assumes Vertical Mode is on for certain arcade games and automatically flips the controls even when said option is on OFF. Another side effect of this is that the menu highlights show as vertical bars instead of horizontal ones (see image), making menu navigation nearly impossible without a mouse.

This is on 1.9.9 Steam version, happened even after manually updating the FBNeo core.

I think you are using direct3d video driver, don’t, afaik it’s still broken with rotated games, and i don’t think there is a single libretro core that’ll perform better with direct3d than with gl/glcore/vulkan anyway.

I’m not sure what you mean about rotated controls, i never heard about RA having such feature, and the FBNeo core doesn’t have this either, that “vertical mode” you are talking about is only a core option to rotate display.

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Oh, changing the video driver fixed the menu issue. Thanks!

As for the controls, turned out Raizing\Eighting shmups have a dipswitch setting that rotates the stick\dpad controls and that was set to on as default for me. Changing that setting made the controls work as intended.

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Hmm that’s weird, that dipswitch is not supposed to be enabled by default.