Convert save state

I like to convert RetroArch .state to drastic .dss file It is not possible by rename process Anyway to do it in android ??

Savestates are not convert-able, as they are a snapshot of the emulator itself.

Oh thanks for your reply

It’s not a snapshot btw RetroArch saves every save state in “.state” format

What he means with snapshot is not an image format. Savestates contain a copy of the memory in the RAM when the emulator runs. So Savestates are a snapshot of the current state.

So is there is anyway to convert it Because RetroArch lags so much

No. Savestates cannot be converted.

That’s sad :cry: Can we force RetroArch to save state as emulator core wants Not as “.state” format

I’m not sure what you mean. Every Savestate is tied to the emulator core created with it. Every emulator core has their own format basically and each of them are incompatible to each other.

MelonDS basically don’t save as “.state” format