Converting Sega Saturn (SSF) Saves to Mednafen Saturn (Retroarch)

This simple guide will show you how to convert Sega Saturn saves (from SSF emulator) to Retroarch, I gathered some info here and there here in the forums and as it was really useful for me, it probably will be useful for you too.

First, download Sega Saturn RAM Backup Parser here:

Once you download and open the EXE:

1 - Click in Insert, 2 - Select your SSF save file, my saves were stored in the External Backup Folder because in game I usually chose the cartridge, but I also have duplicate saves under InternalBackup, so the process to convert Internal saves is the same as External, 3 - Press OK

Now Click in Save, Choose RAW and OK:

Choose where will your RAW save be stored, in my case, I have Retroarch to save files and sort them in folders, so it creates a folder named according to the core, wherever are your Saturn saves being stored, save there, in this case, BCR extension means I’m saving an external backup save, BKR means internal save, so when saving, don’t forget to copy the cue name and putting BCR or BKR as its extension, so retroarch will load the file as External or Internal accordingly.

That’s it, your backups should work in Mednafen Saturn now:

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Great guide! Thanks for making and sharing it!

I vote sticky on this one plus you get a huge like despite the lack of a like button!

Thanks guys, I`m sure it will be useful, it would be nice if we had a specific tutorial or guides thread here so we could gather tutos like these.

Thanks for this! I came across this utility on the Mednafen Saturn thread, but made a couple of mistakes along the way and couldn’t get a working savefile for RetroArch. Now with this guide I know what I did wrong. Thank you so much!

I would love to see a tutorials forum at libretro. I guess quality and accuracy would be a concern but it seems the best location would be a specific place in the forum

This tutorial is in need of an update because the images is gone and replaced with generic photobucket images which makes it hard for users to follow it.

I just moved the pictures to a free image hosting website, thanks for letting me know.

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How do you reverse the process if you want to go back some time?

I think I screwed up at some point here because I only have saves for Mednafen standalone and Libretro these days with the original SSF saves completely gone.

I wanted to check something out in SSF real quick and my complete save file could have done it but it’s gone…

Can the process be reversed?


You just used the extract function to retrieve the save files, renamed them with .bin and it worked