Core and Feature Requests

When a game doesn’t show a correct core to start, what we have to do?

I downloaded every Sega Saturn core and Sonic R don`t recommend any of the cores for the platform to load. :sweat:

Is it in bin/cue format? Are you loading the cue?

Hey, thanks for reply!

I realize the format of the archive was in .mdf, and the emulator don`t recognize.

But I get a new problem. I open the game and not have BGM sound. And some games simple crash and not load after I start. :unamused:

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This also can have a lot to do with your source content. I personally recommend a trusted pre-compiled set of CHDs.

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I had an idea about a flexible menu. Currently the menu is very static. Means you need to pre-define menu items. But certain features in certain emulators require entries. This is currently not possible in libretro/retroarch.

For example in citra standalone you can define several virtual buttons for the touchscreen. This adds a new entries in a drop-down list: Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Add New Button …

In libretro/retroarch, you need currently to set a fixed amount of buttons which the user can define. E.g. 4 Buttons. But if the user wants to add a 5th button, it is not possible because he cannot add another menu item.

So the request would be to add flexible menu lists in which the user can add further items, possibly with a max number of menu items.

Another Feature for libretro is extended screen. A feature to extend the screen to another (maybe portable) screen would be good. So emulators like desmume, melonds, citra, dolphin, flycast could use the second screen for the other displays (second screen for DS and 3DS, GBA for dolphin, VMU for Flycast)

Another idea for retroarch: Create an “Update retroarch” category. It would be really great to update retroarch within retroarch. The Updater should delete unnessarcy files create new necessary files and replace existing files with the new counterpart.


Would it be possible to add a usb microphone as a controller? There are several Singing / Karaoke games on Wii, Playstation, etc that used microphones. It would also be awesome if pocketcdg supported audio in and you could add some reverb karaoke style effects.


A Windows Classic Core (Win98) would be great. Based on Dosbox-X, Windows98 can be installed as baseline. The benefit of dosbox-x is the hardware acceleration for 3D games. So classic games like GTA2, NFS2, Diablo etc. can be played.

With the imgmount feature games can be installed on a dedicated hdd image (hdd.img). The open question would be how to automate things like with dosbox pure.

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i have some ideas that would benefit the project:

  • Sega model 2 Core
  • Sega model 3 Core
  • FM Towns core
  • Openbor or Mugen Core And some improvement ideas: -Beetle saturn working with CHD files on android -Kronos core working on android -Save states on PX68k Core -Save states on PCSX2 Core
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The article reads “released the source code *(albeit as compressed assets as opposed to a proper repo”, so where in the released file is it actually?

" So now after 15+ years, Shima has FINALLY released the source code (albeit as compressed assets as opposed to a proper repo) , and folks can finally start digging around in the code and adding improvements, or borrowing bits for other projects… Official GitHub :"

Well call me surprised too…I downloaded both the .zip and .tar.gz files and there’s nothing in there…Honestly I just shared the news from genuine excitement at that time and didn’t checked it at all but now that you mention it you are right…Maybe if someone asked Shima in his Twitter account to get a more clear answer?

Just a demo how it would look

Citra Core with extended Screen

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Would like to see a FM Towns Core. Cant get it running in mame core :frowning:


There is a solution discussed in great detail on my thread. Just do a search there.


Its working now. Thank you very much!


A port of Ikemen GO, it’s a MUGEN engine, but improved at 200%

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Has there been any consideration for creating a Ren’Py core.

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I feel like someone mentioned working on such a thing at some point, but if so, it clearly didn’t pan out.


Would love the ability to use the BIOS Bootup sequence for Neo Geo Pocket + Color titles. (I think this is the only console in RetroArch that doesn’t support this)