Core does not supports states in jaguar



ive been playing on the jaguar emulator

virtual jaguar

and i want to save my game process

i click on save state, and it tells me:

“core does not supports states”

is there a way to fix it or to save the games on jaguar?

thank you for reading it

any comments will be appreciated


The core has another issue. It saves the eeproms (the native cart save files) in the root folder of RetroArch instead of the “saves” folder which creates a mess. It also names them with random letters and numbers like “CD5BF827.eeprom” for instance, so you don’t know which game it refers to. I would appreciate it if someone would fix that longstanding annoying issue.


Agreed; Jaguar emulation needs some love overall.

  1. save/load state - upstream dont have state support.

  2. battery saves are handled by core (not through libretro api) and filenames are CRC of rom.


That means both can’t be fixed? Is there maybe any other method for battery saves to be moved?


save location ca probably just few lines of code, but adding save state probably not.

open these 2 issue in the github page of libretro-jaguar and request them to be added/fixed. someone might have an interest to do so.


The battery save issue is opened since 2014. So i guess there is no interest in improving this core.

I was hoping for an alternative method of forcing the core via RetroArch, to change the save directory.


on what device/system/os are you playing this? here on linux, it works fine as far as save location and the filename (its not saving in CRC mode which is a fallback if core is not able to fetch the filename)


hello wertz

retroarch is installed on my windows 10 64 bit wich is on my laptop


ill retract some of my statements… Virtual Juguar core does support saves using libretro api, BUT the original file handling saves still exists in main code. its possible you have savefile created by the cores own save handling (hench the CRC/fallback method filename ) , and libretro;s save method in the <retroarch_save> folder


Ok i also retract my statement. Seems like in a recent update, the battery saves issue was fixed as they are stored in the saves folder normally and i didn’t notice it. I deleted the ones from the root and i didn’t lose my progress neither i saw a new one being created.

I’m Using Windows 7 btw.


Jaguar emulation just sort of vanished like it got hit by the Thanos snap. I remember reading there was a big change coming that would fix some of the prevalent issues as well as add proper JagCD support… and then… nothing… :frowning:

This was all in ‘actual’ Virtual Jaguar mind you, not the libretro side of things.