Core management

Hi, I’m a newbie to this, so if my questions seem naive… they are. Can I remove cores that I have tried and have not worked for various reasons. Can I download cores that are not in the download cores list. Launchbox lists recommended cores when trying to set up a category but the name of the core in Launchbox is different to the naming convention in RA. Launchbox gives the core name but RA lists by console. Is there a list of consoles and cores that gives both descriptions of the core, its name and its console compatability.

Yes, you can remove cores by loading the core and then going to main menu > information > core information > delete core, or by going to settings > core > manage.

We typically put any core that functions on a platform (sometimes even poorly) in the core downloader (or in the main download, as the case may be), so if you can’t get it, there’s usually a good reason why not. Nevertheless, if you find a core somewhere in the wild that you would like to use, you can just drop it into your ‘cores’ directory (you may need to a corresponding core ‘info’ file to your info directory, as well). You can find (and change) any directories where RetroArch looks for things in settings > directory.

For descriptions, if you go to the core downloader and press retropad-select on an item, it will pop up a description that explains some details about the core. Obviously, the core downloader also includes the name of the system it supports and the name of the underlying core/emu.