Core setting overrides not saving all settings, not being honored

After running an old setup on 1.7.2, I’ve decided to start from scratch on the latest stable build. In my original setup, I had the ability to configure shaders on a per core basis without any issues, but on 1.8.9 it would appear that overrides do not work the way I expect them to.

Controls are completely fine thus far, but when saving core overrides, despite getting no errors, looking at the cfg file does not show the specific shader that was selected, only that shaders are enabled.

So the simple question is: How are you supposed to do this? Am I just missing something?

Shaders were moved out of the overrides and into their own thing. In quick menu > shaders > save, you can save a core/game/content dir preset, or save a global preset to apply by default.

Exactly what I needed, thank you!

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