Core suggestion : Super Mario War

I was searching for open source deathmatch games that could run on a rpi, and found this :

This game seems pretty fun.

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yeah, HerbFargus is a friend of ours, and we’ve talked about it before. I think the issue we had was getting it working with networking.

HerbFargus is not the oroginal dev, I’m pretty sure that’s just a fork for retropie? I talked to the supermariowar guys one time, they said they were ok with a port in upstream if we do it / mantain it ourselves.

Yeah, it’s just a fork of the original repo.

I guess since Citra has its own network passthrough, something like this might be doable in a similar manner…?

sure, there is no constraint there, it wouldn’t work via our lobbies, but that may not be even desirable.

yes! SMWar is needed! Awesome party game, make it happen!

Is there someone working on this? I see this can be installed in Retropie, but I love my Lakka set-up. Can the port from Retropie be used in Lakka?

No it can’t. It’s not a libretro core