Cores Not Available for Ubuntu 18.10


Is there a way to only see compatible cores. I think that is the only real benefit of the online updater it seems to be showing all cores including ones that would not work on different platforms. Is there a way to filter that?


It should only show you the ones that match your architecture. What are you seeing?


well the only one im fairly sure shouldnt be there is psxrearmed Im on a 64 bit machine not arm and there was another one that seemed odd but i cant remember which


PCSX-ReARMed will still work on x86/64, it just doesn’t have the awesome NEON renderer or ARM CPU dynarec.


Haha that is funny and awesome. I always had problems sharing save states between different units for psx. This might make it when easier. I’m very happy lol I could never get reamed with the PPA (at least a while back) and that meant I used a different core on myx86/64 machines and the savestates were not compatible. Hopefully this means they will be and I’ll be happy. Thanks again for your time and for answering all my questions


I have a question

i share my notebook with my sister, i have multiple account, how use a shared retroarch configuration?

i mean, now i need download cores and assets for each user?