Correct Refresh Rates VRR on Xbox Series S/X OLED

Hi, I’m thinking of picking up either an S or X. I have an LG CX OLED. I’m wondering if the S/X version of RA supports refresh rate switching in combination with the CX for correct rates for games with odd rates? E.G Snes at 60.10, Neo-Geo at 59.185 etc. since the panel supports VRR and Gsync. Cheers

I don’t think so, no. I’m not 100% on that, though.

No worries. Thought it might with frame rate matching set to on. Might pick up a cheap Series S and give it a shot. Cheers

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It doesn’t work but is there any reason why not? VRR is enabled on the TV and the Series X supports HDMI 2.1 so it should work, but it doesn’t. Just wondered what the missing link is here as it should just work.

I believe there’s some UWP stuff that has to happen for VRR and 4K and possibly other stuff. Basically, stuff that series can do that xbone can’t, I think.

I am running a Series X. So am I right in thinking the current build of RA isn’t optimised for the VRR features on the Series consoles? Just so I understand it. It’s actually the XBONE version currently?

It runs at 4K perfectly, it’s just the VRR side of things that it doesn’t like. The console side is setup correctly in both Dev and Retail mode

Are you sure it’s native 4K and not upscaled from 1080p? But anyway, I’m not really sure on the UWP stuff, so don’t quote me on it.

There’s no refresh rate switching support in Retroarch on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X as far as I can tell. (None of the refresh rate options do anything)

Not being able to switch to 50Hz on the fly spoils otherwise perfect emulation of systems like C64 and Amiga for which most software expects 50Hz hardware.

The Xbox itself supports it (even the older Xbox One supports on the fly refresh rate switching) but there has to be Xbox specific code to make use of it and presumably nobody has added it to Retroarch.

It needs to be a priority really. I find it bizarre no one had implemented it when it’s essential for a bunch of cores to run the games correctly without awful scrolling.

Do you have links to any developer docs for how to enable it?

Not sure if there is anything here:

I’m no coder but Kodi features the ability to switch refreshrates on xbox series S. The source can be located on github in the kodi dx dir.

Make some skilled coder coder could have a look at it and use this to implent refresh rate switching.

Would be awesome to have flawless scrolling in pal games like their 60 hz ntsc counterparts.

Even though this is currently lacking it Is awesome to see emulation come full circle like i started with a modded OG XBOX.

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Hi, new user, apologies for being green around here, but I don’t think I can create a new post yet :slight_smile: …either that or I’ve missed something!

I’m following this VRR situation on Xbox Retroarch and trying to find more info. I’m very keen to learn if there are any known plans to implement refresh-rate switching in the UWP version of Retroarch.

Am loving my setup on Xbox Series X, and it would be the cherry on top to be able to use my TV’s VRR capabilities with it. :cherries:

Why is everybody calling “refresh rate switching” VRR? They are two different things. With VRR, you don’t switch refresh rates. That’s the whole point of VRR, not having to switch refresh rates.