Correct Sega CD Bios

Can someone point me to the correct Sega CD Bios to use for Retroarch? I’ve downloaded quite a few versions already and none work.

I can’t post a link here, but SegaCD works fine on my setup (with Genesis Plus GX) :wink:


gotcha…just tried that and no work for me but thanks for the point out. Maybe cause I’m on a Mac with retroarch…

I can’t answer for Mac, but did you read the documentation ?

Bios must have a specific name per region (+ section about loading Sega CD games)

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I downloaded all of the region bios and even ran one the roms I have that has a cue file in it. Still didn’t work. Unless I missed one of the steps you suggested?

Oh wait I just renamed the bios. Funny I thought they would have been named correctly already. Sound is mangled on one of the ROMs but I’m guessing that’s because it has MP3 files in it.

Thanks though this puts me on the right track, and wow kinda involved to get the segacd roms running.

Ok I got one (E) region rom working perfectly with sound. Two (U) ones I got have audo problems. Wow really involved to get the SegaCD roms going but made huge progress today, thanx duke!

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