CPU Frequency Scaling not working anymore

Greetings everyone!

I have been using retroarch to play PS1 games for a while now, and an option i always use is to slide the overclock cpu frequency to 150% in Beetle PSX HW to make my games run smoother.

I mostly play PAL games so it is pretty usefull to compensate for the games running slower to be on par with their NTSC counterpart.

My problem is that suddenly yesterday, the option does not work anymore, the slider could be at 20% or 580%, it make no differences, the games will still run at normal speed.

Im on windows 10 with an nvdia card and I tried updating my drivers and changed various options in retroarch, im pretty nooby with all the technical stuff, it’s been two full days of troubleshooting, reinstalling retroarch multiple times, i tried different cores like duckstation and beetle psx and the option did not work on these cores either, it just does not change the game speed anymore, on any games.

Can someone help me please?

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Not the solution for your problem, but for the PAL/NTSC speed difference you can enable
PAL (European) Video Timing Override
in the core options (beetle psx and psx hw - quick menu - options)
This make PAL games run at 60fps


Yeah I tried this as an alternative, sadly it glitch all the games to the point of unplayability, it makes the controls horrible even and crash some games

Thanks for the support tho!

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Sorry to hear that.

I am using the beetle psx core (not the hw) with default settings except:

  • Core Aspect Ratio = Force 4:3
  • PAL (European) Video Timing Override = ON
  • Initial Scanline - PAL = 24
  • Last Scanline - PAL = 263
  • Memory Card 0 Method = Mednafen

Currently i am on disc 2 of Final Fantasy VII (PAL) without any problems so far.
Same with Final Fantasy VIII (PAL) and Castlevania SotN (PAL) i played before it.

I’m not sure if overclocking is intended to change the speed and/or framerate of the games:

Enable overclocking (or underclocking) of the emulated PSX CPU.
Overclocking can eliminate slowdown and improve frame rates in certain games at the expense of increased performance requirements.
Note that some games have an internal frame rate limiter and may not benefit from overclocking. May cause certain effects to animate faster than intended in some titles when overclocked.

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