Crashes with swanstation

hope this is the right place to post this, i am getting full crashes when loading save states i enabled logging and here it is i can also post my pc specs if needed

It looks like it’s saving/loading a few times without issue. Is that correct?

yeah it’s odd sometimes i can load a save state without issue but at least 2 or 3 times a session retroarch crashes and closes then i have to reformat the in game memory card when i relaunch it.

I’ve had this happen with Gex 3 after saving and loading states too many times during a session. Loading the “bad” state would work for a few minutes and eventually crash. It corrupted my memory card too, so I had to start that playthrough over.

this is a new issue for me, i just upgraded my pc and this started happening i suspect it might have to do with my new harddrive (samsung 980 pro NVME SSD) any suggestions on something i can change in the app settings to mitigate this problem?

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alright well i deleted the save sate files and in game memory card files after finishing the game i was playing started a new game and loading save states still causes crashes, not sure if this is a me problem or something with retroarch/swanstation core, should i post my hardware specs or more logs?

i was able to get some help on the github page for swanstation the issue was “CPU Recompiler Fast Memory Access” from LUT to MMap" incase anyone else is having the same issue, after changing that option it fixed the crashing.