Crashing after upgrading to Retroarch 1.8.9

Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced Retroarch crashing shortly after loading content from cores after upgrading to the most recent version (RetroArch 1.8.9 (Git 4c6b13919c))?

My entire system has started locking up, forcing a reboot; I was originally using vulkan, but also get this crash with d3d12 and gl drivers. It isn’t core-specific either as I’ve now tested with both Snes9X and Gambatte.

On the last crash, windows actually popped up an assertion failed error before locking up. The failure occurred when testing with the d3d12 driver at: /gfx/common/d3d12_common.c at line 793.

I will likely try updating redistributables or rolling back the version which should hopefully fix it…

This happens to me often after updating. Try deleting your config files.

That’s a great thought and actually would work. I determined what the problem was in my case and it had nothing to do with video drivers.

It is actually related to retroachievements. After disabling them, all cores now launch correctly. I wonder if the saved token that gets stored in the config file gets invalidated when Retroarch updates.