Crazy Taxi (Reicast-DC-BIOS/Flash) ALL Reigions

There are different BIOS that Users can use*. To that end, I will give Note the 2 I have used. All Test were the GDI --> CHD

Normal dc_boot and dc_flash - Will use the Orange DC Swirl Intro

All Versions work

Unknown BIOS File (Probably older Version) - Will use a Black DC Swirl Intro (Kind of looks better actually)

ALL VERSIONS DO NOT WORK. Tried .chd and .cdi. If anyone has tried the .gdi, let me know, but since none of the ones I tried have worked, I am thinking the GDI wont either.

Custom BIOS File (1.032) - By Default uses Region Swirl Colors, but can be Set (L+R+Start) to use the Color you want or can be Disabled. BIOS Menu can also be Changed to show either a 2D Menu, or a 3D Menu (Slow depending on your Device).

Note - I thought this was the BIOS I was Using where NONE of the Regions or Versions would work.

ALL Versions - Works perfectly

  • NOTE: There are actually 4 different BIOS File Types that can be used

1.004 Sega Dreamcast (Commercial-Early)

1.01d Sega Dreamcast (Commercial) (EU/JP/US)

1.011 Sega Dreamcast (HKT-0120 Devbox) (Think only for JP)

1.030 - 1.032 (Dev/Retail) Custom BIOS that was made. Not sure if the Dev will continue making Improvements and have another Release

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Thanks, this bios actually fixed the issue with date/time for my setup.

If Users ever have a Issue about repeatedly having to Adjust the Time/Date, Delete the dc_nvmem.bin File. Should need to set it 1 more time, and be done with it.

Suggestion for RetroArch - For Cores of Systems that have a BIOS Menu like DC, PSX, need Feature to Boot BIOS without Loading a Game/Rom to adjust any Settings.

+1 Would be better to be able to set up BIOS from Core, without loading a game first… Or be able to load a BIOS as a game.