Create shortcuts to use different "retroarch.cfg" files

This is a workaround for my setup. I’d like to use retroarch-monitor.cfg and retroarch-4k.cfg via shortcuts.

This is because the sync settings that work for one don’t play nice with the other. Therefore, I’d like to have 2 Retroarch shortcuts referencing the .cfg according to the display I’m about to use. Possible?


Sure. The command line switch to point to a different config file is -c /path/to/other.cfg. However, you could also use --appendconfig so you don’t need to have a complete config, just the few options you need to change. If you go this route, though, I recommend adding save_on_exit = “false”, so it won’t pollute your main config. (this is basically how overrides work under the hood, so you’re basically making a manual override)


That worked perfectly, thank you. In the end I created 2 desktop shortcuts named according to the display and simply appended -c config1.cfg to one and -c config2.cfg since they are in the same directory as Retroarch.exe