Creating .dat files (dir2dat)

I am experimenting with creating data files, from a game folder with dir2dat. JRomManager has a very simple and effective tool.

This takes exactly the exact name of the file and places it the description name.

<game name="Secret of Monkey Island, The (1990)">
	<description>Secret of Monkey Island, The (1990)</description>

But it has no way to handle definite/indefinite articles*. For example, have it change “Secret of Monkey Island, The (1990)” to “The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)”.

I have read some information on the internet and they all say that you have to suffer a bit and change them by hand. Is there any tool that will change the articles automatically?

(*) “the, a, an”, in Spanish they are called definite/indefinite articles, I think in English too.