Creating my own dat and playlist for SNK - Neo Geo MVS

In my preference I like my Neo Geo MVS games separate from MAME/FBNeo. I plan on right now creating my own dat, playlist for it and maybe it’s own icon for it which I can whip up via InkScape

One of the complaints I have seen on Arcade is that it is cumbersome to do it by having it match up with CRC hash algorithms. I think a naming convention should work.

Side note, for hash algorithms for checking the integrity of a file the ones used are depreciated from a CISP standard. I have seen in the dats the use of CRC, MD5, and SHA-1. Even SHA-256 is depreciated,I could use SHA-512 but that may be unnecessary for this sort of thing. I am unsure if Retroarch and Lakka support SHA-256 or SHA-512.

I could just do both a file name matching and a hash algorithm match since there are no where near as many mvs roms as MAME/FBNeo sets.

I do need to find out which one to use for Roms for the hash matching. I have a image below, they both work but which one is the correct or preferred format to use in a dat. The one on the left does not match up the dat from regular scanning and the one the right does.

A draft of what I have right now for my dat

I could use some input here

Hi @Joystick2600, it’s me again :wink:
To save you some time you can go to

There you can search for roms relying on the neogeo bios (ADDITIONAL FILTERS) and export a dat containing only those roms (set Type to Parent if you don’t want clones).
You can select the mame version as well (mame2010 = mame 0.139)


Mame roms relying on the crc32 checksum, because the *.zip files are torrentzipped to make sure to use standard values when creating zips to create identical files over multiple systems:

You can build it on Linux as well:

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The core I plan on using this time is Final Burn Neo for my Neo Geo MVS list, from what i have gathered MAME is more of a preservation of ROMs. I did come across a oddity with my rom archive sets of different MAME versions and Neo Geo sets.

The roms for “Shock Troopers” ( to not work and are missing a 1Mb file called “238-pg1.p1” but it was kinda annoying seeing how many sets did not have a working version included in them.

FBNeo relies mostly on the newest mame dumps e.g. mame 0.233 and newer.
Older sets will miss for sure some dumps (238-pg1.p1 was introduced in mame 0.189)

On the FBNeo respository you will find a neogeo only dat:

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