Crt issues

hey guys. i have a windows 7 setup with crt emudriver installed. its outputting to a toshiba crt. in arcadeOSD, i changed the vertical resolution of the 256x192 so that its not as letterboxed at top n bottom. however, when im in retroarch, any of my Nx192 resolutions are still squished. what am i doing wrong? is there an override i dunno about?

They’re working fine outside of Retroarch?

well. if i switch the desktop res to either 240x192 or 256x192, it looks the way it does in arcadeOSD. so yes. but in retroarch, those resolutions are both squished back down

Does it look how you want if you load content for x192 and use custom scaling (integer on/off, the correct values should appear). This assumes of course you don’t use switchres. I can’t quite see how you get rid of the letterboxing that way anyhow since necessary timings for 60 HZ seem to put you under 15 Khz. It would better to use crt controls (e.g. increase vertical size with service menu).

I dont know. I am using a crt so I dont know why I wouldnt use switchres. And reducing the letterboxing sets my V freq to like 65KHz. Again, it works in AOSD and in the desktop if I set that as my desktop resolution, but doesnt work in retroarch.

Lol, you should turn off switchres to verify it’s not the cause, which it very likely is, as it tries to implement the core timings which of course are not in the 65 Hz range.