CRT problem with low res

Hi guys, i have problems outputting lowres using xrandr on my CRT; i use lrmc to generate modelines and i can output 768x576i and 768x288p without problems but nothing with e.g. 320x240p, my linux pc freez or black screen.

Is it not possible to output progressive lowres on a CRT?

Is there anything i didn’t understand about how this thing works? thanks

Is it a PAL TV? I think some of them may not like NTSC modelines. Have you tried using an ultrawide “super” res? Like 1920x240?

Yes is PAL and yes with ultrawide it work fine but i would simply a low res…

I use this modelines without problems:

“768x576x25.00” 14.750000 768 792 864 944 576 586 592 625 -HSync -VSync interlace

“720x288x50.08” 13.875000 720 744 808 888 288 293 296 312 -HSync -VSync

I don’t know if there are other factors compared to Windows, but I would assume that pixelclock limits are still relevant on Linux, in that case how much lower you can go from 13.875 would then depend on the card. 320 px res NTSC usually requires around 6 . You can try halving the 720x288 PAL modeline to 360, and see if that still works. If not, then you need to pick something else (e.g 384x224 at 60 Hz should be over 8).

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