CRT Royale reshade not the same as retroarch?

Hi! So i been messing with reshade on some steam games, namely Castlevania Advance Collection and for some reason when i apply CRT Royale through Reshade it doesn’t look the same as in Retroarch. I have some screenshots to show the differences :

1080p Monitor

This is raw version of the game

CRT Royale through Reshade

CRT Royale Retroarch Default Settings

As you guys can see it doesn’t change much on Steam any idea why? Thanks.

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I think you have to manually set the resolution for it in Reshade or else it will just think it’s supposed to run at monitor res.


Yeah even still it doesn’t look right. I read that Royale is never going to be accurate on reshade because RetroArch does some of its texcoord math in a weird way or w/e. No matter what these company’s just don’t care enough to include actual good filters in their games. The games just look so plain and washed, retroarch is just on a different level of detail. I was just curious anyway lol thanks in the same @hunterk