CRT switchres - Linux - some newby questions

hello, i want to set up a new system for use with a 15kHz CRT (conntected with VGA to RBG-SCART Cable* … *same as i still use for a groovyarcade setup)

i want to use linux (… starting with MME4CRT RetroArch CRTSwitchRes Operating system Live ISO)

here are some questions…

-do i stricly need a ati/amd card for native 240p/480i output (and perhaps i want to try the super-resolutions features too) or can i buy a pc with intel graphics as well? does it matter on linux anyway which graphic card i use?

-is there an up to date Tuturial for setting up Retroarch and to prepare the important cores with the correct settings (like border, aspect ratio, refresh rates and stuff) - i am mainly interested in ATARI 2600, NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Playstation 1, PCE and for some Arcade gaming (FBNeo)?

-can i disable vsync - without tearing, stuttering on a crt (just as groovymame did) ?

I am really excited about the whole CRTswitchres thing and i hopes i get it runnig at least for some cores .

hopefully somebody can tell me some informations about that holy grail of retrogaming, so i can startup with this cool project :smiley:

alphanu would know better than me, but I believe you can use any GPU in linux, you should be able to disable vsync (I think), and there shouldn’t really be any preparation on a core-specific basis, other than disabling all overscan cropping, both in RetroArch and in the cores.

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Hi there,

I recently also cleared a pc setup with linux and crt switchres. My post must be somewhere in the general section. Linux makes it extremely simple to setup the 15khz output. I believe that any card will do though I havent tried intel gpu. I use amd cards for retroarch as i used them for groovymame as well. Crt Switchres will automaticaly setup the refresh rate and resolution when you load a core or game. I noticed that on my linux distro (kubuntu) i had to turn off vsync and desktop compositing at system level else it would conflict with crt switchres and cause stuttering no matter what. I advise to use “run at exact framerate” and add vsync and sound sync. Based on my tests scrollings and screen movements that used to be problematic such as the rtype start screen or that score screen for street fighter zero 3 are flawless.

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