CRT Switchres - MAME - Kubuntu - Wrong resolution

Hi all :slight_smile:

I am facing a strange issue using the MAME core for Retroarch linux.

This is not a new issue here but I was rather busy irl to ask about it.

For some reason Mame will not switch to the proper resolution / refresh rate when using switchres.

Game will always display using 640x480.

Checking the quick menu / options section I noticed there is a specific resolution section there and 640x480 is the lowest resolution available.

As such my guess is that CRT Switchres outputs games in 640x480 as it believes it is the correct resolution.

Is there any way to force mame to use the actual game resolution and refresh rate rather than the resolution within the option section ?

I checked around the forum for similar issue but could not find anything.

Thank you :slight_smile: