CRT SwitchRes/Overscan issue

Hey everyone! I’m getting really close to getting retroarch work with my CRT!!!

Windows 10 PC CRT Emudriver Adrenalin 18.5.1 Nvidia 1080ti on primary LCD display Radeon HD 7870 to my CRT From PC to CRT is DVI-I>VGA>Scart Adapter>Retrotink RGB2COMP>CRT

As for SwitchRes not working, I’m really at a loss. I’ve tried setting my CRT as my main display and I’ve tried disconnecting my LCD entirely and only using the CRT with no success. It seems like it’s just using whatever resolution I have set in windows.

I know this isn’t a CRT forum but any insight would be appreciated on the overscan. I’m not sure where to start as far as the overscan goes. I’ve read that I need to mess with my TV’s service menu and adjust front/back porch values in arcade OSD although other sources do not overscan like that.

The links to the adapters I’m using are here…

I followed this guide…

Here’s a download link to my Retroarch Log and config…

I really appreciate any insight you guys would have. Thank you!

Looking at the log you don’t have resolutions installed on the output in use.

[INFO] [CRT]: Requested Reolution: [email protected] 
[INFO] [CRT]: Current running core Snes9x 
**[ERROR] Switchres: could not find a video mode that meets your specs**
[INFO] sr_switch_to_mode: switching not required

The CDCruze link is now incorrect. This information was only relevant before the change over to SR2. Firstly, you need to follow the guide to install resolutions as you would for GroovyMame. Resolutions must be dynamic. Once you have done that follow the guides at the Libretro docs.