CRT_SwitchRes screen tear Win 7 w/ CRT_emudriver

I have Windows 7 running with crt_emudriver 2.0 drivers for AMD Radeon 5450 and Retroarch 1.7.8 with CRT_switchres options configured using the following guide:

When running any game in any core, I get screen tearing that is plainly visible. Here are three pictures taken using the 240p Test suite for Sega Genesis on the Genesis GX core:


The tearing is visible on the top third of the image and is constant the entire time, not like an occasional screen tear on PC. It also does not move down the image.

It’s hard to capture with my phone’s camera but I have taken a short clip of it:

I have tested this on other cores such as NES, SNES, and PC-Engine using 240p test suite and the same issue is present on scrolling for all. Additionally, I have tested all of these 240p test suites through groovymame, and none of them have any scrolling or tearing issues whatsover. They sync and scroll smoothly without tearing, judder, or shimmer when played through MAME’s own emulation.

I have searched throughout these forums as well as some others and haven’t managed to find the cause of this RA-specific issue.

For reference, these are my configs:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is the tearing similar to the one I’m speaking of in this topic : Retroarch + CRTemudriver vsync problem ?

Judging by your example it appears to be just about the same issue. Mine is possibly positioned differently.