Crt trouble

hey guys, i got a toshiba 25" or 27" crt with component inputs, because america. i have crt emu driver pushing the 15KHz signal to a radeon hd 8350 (it has that weird dvi port that connects to 2 outputs) from there, dvi-vga adapter, then vga cable to retrotek vgactv2 , then component cables to the tv. this is the result.

I think that static is usually caused by grounding/interference. You have a lot of potential failure points in that chain, so you’ll need to try and isolate them to see what’s causing it.

thats kinda what i thot. i dunno if my garage is wired for ground. that mite be doin it huh.

probably the lowest-hanging fruit would be to try some different RCA cables and/or DVI-to-VGA adapters.

i recently bought dual shielded 75ohn rca cables (not shown in the photo) and it made it slightly better. so i think im on the rite track

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