CRTSwitchRes options still missing for Rasperry PI as of 1.7.7

We need to show these options for the raspberry pi community. Most Raspberry Pi user do use this option and it is quite a big community.

Currently CRT options are hidden behind have_xrandr when it comes to Linux. This breaks CRT options for RPI as it does not utilise xrandr at all.

I have been unable to locate where and how these options are hidden and to be fair. In not really sure how we would want to move forward with hidding the options where you dont not want it.

@hunterk any ideas?

I’m trying to get this pushed through. As we talked about before, I don’t think there’s any way to distinguish between RPi users and anyone else, so I guess we’ll just have to expose these options for everyone all the time.

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@Alphanu So, I believe this is the file where everything was added before:

Do we need a separate file, since they’re not necessarily using X11? or do we just need to move some of those ifdefs? It appears some of them, at least, are still necessary, like the #include block.

So, for Linux pc this is all fine. Switching for the RPi is currently done in video_crt_switch.c , ideally it would need it’s own dispserv. Maybe via #ifdef have_videocore

The RPi build just needs the menu options exposed to start with. It does not use X or xrandr. Also for rpi4 it does not take advantage of videocore ATM. I think the lakka teams has this working.

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