Current state of Scummvm question:

First of all, thank you devs and community members for your hard work and making it possible for me and my daughter to enjoy things together that I grew up with!

I have been trying to get Myst III: Exile to work without luck. I've done a bit of research and have a proper DVD version with all files in the right place (I believe). The game registers properly in the Scummvm core and will start/run. After the intro, when I get to the first screen, (a desert/canyon area with a bird flying in the background) I can't seem to rotate/move the view. Mouse and gamepad cursor is active. I can right click to release cursor from movement mode and move the cursor around the screen. Game seems to be running. Bird is flying, sound is playing, cursor is active. Just can not seem to move/rotate the view.

After some research into Scummvm and Retroarch, my guess is the reason this is happening is because the core is simply at the point in dev where code that would allow Myst III to work properly is not merged/implemented yet. Is this correct? I have been beating my head against the wall trying to make sure I'm not doing something wrong in Retroarch. Thank you for your time.

I’m still working on getting the game even started to verify on my end, but are you sure you’re interacting with the game properly? I’ve only ever played the first Myst, but its interaction is unusual compared with modern immersive games.

Have you tried any other games through the core to make sure your inputs are working as expected?

I have 37 other games using the Scummvm core without issue. I played Myst, Myst: Riven, and Myst: Exile many years ago. I’m familiar with the control schemes. I have Myst and Myst: Riven running on the Scummvm core without issue.

If you are trying to get it “running” to test, you will need an updated copy. The DVD version (10th anniversary edition etc.) is updated. If you have the CD version, you will need to update it first. There are update patches available on Scummvm site if you need it. I can “load” Exile with the latest (2.6.1 Feb 8) Scummvm core, but of course as mentioned it doesn’t run properly as I can’t move the camera/view.

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I finally got myst 3 going and was able to reproduce the behavior. I pinged spleen (the guy who made the up-to-date core) on discord about it but haven’t heard back yet.

Would you care to open an issue about it on the core’s issue tracker here:

Github issue opened. Thank you for the help!

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