Custom Menu Drivers?


Does anyone know of any good, or for that matter, extant, custom Menu Drivers? The XMB interface is great, though I’d like to have more direct control of option organization, but it doesn’t exactly have a lot of ‘pop’ to it. The flashing to the desktop thing it does every time you load content is sort of ‘meh’ also, but that’s an aside. The others are fine too, for utility, especially QT interface for administrative things, but we lack a nice arcade-like interface without using a frontend or going over to something like AttractMode (Which, I know, isn’t really dealt with or interactive with RA or Libretro specifically)

RA supports swapping out whole Menu Driver UI’s, but I haven’t seen any community content to that effect, and just wondered if anyone had any projects along those lines going.



The menu drivers are a lot more intense than a typical “theme” situation, unfortunately, and they all tie into a unified backend, which precludes doing any major reorganization of options.


I had guessed at it being an intensely tied in portion of the program. I was just hoping that, with the opensource nature of Libretro and by extension RA, that some industrious fan of the project had spent the time to pour over the available materials and construct an alternate drop in UI that I hadn’t managed to find.

Again, I love that I basically get a PS3 menu where I can control everything from my couch, something even most standalone emulators don’t have an option at, as that makes it far less tedious to have a whole console’s library, let alone multiple generations of hardware, I’m just chomping at the bit (out of love for this program/project and everyone who works on it) for something I can present to my friends who are less inclined toward relatively utilitarian interfaces (as opposed to the visual flair but reduced control of certain frontends approximating a multi-game arcade cabinet)


More specifically in reply to your point, moving around options (Like, for instance, being able to change the order in which particular core playlists show up in the XMB UI without having to rename a playlist, or turning off the Video/Audio/Favorites/Recent auto-lists) would be a fantastic feature, but is probably at the bottom of my troubleshooting and cleanup priority right now.

But if it ever becomes an option I think everyone would love it. :slight_smile:


you can hide the tabs you don’t want in settings > user interface > views


Ah! Well, I had been searching around there and didn’t see the views option.

Good to be wrong sometimes :wink:

Thank you!


… And, so, of course it’s the first option under User Interface. SIGH


No worries, there are a lot of options. It’s easy to miss one or two.