Custom resolution in video output settings?

I’m using a 160hz monitor with no native 120hz option. I’d like to run retroarch at 120hz with swap frames set to 2 for perfect syncing/frame pacing without the massive input lag I get on my monitor when setting it to 60hz. I’ve created a custom 120hz resolution in both the nvidia control panel and the CRU tool. These work just fine, however they don’t show up as options when selecting a resolution within retroarch. I can manually set it in the config file and it works great, however my monitor seems to be finicky when it comes to adjusting resolutions when opening applications and the switch doesn’t always happen. I can fix this by just reconfirming the resolution in most applications, but since the 120hz res doesn’t show up in retroarch I can’t do that

Is there someway to make it available within retroarch to select?

It should show up as long as it’s an available modeline, and using the video_fullscreen_x/y settings from the config should work, as long as you’re using exclusive (i.e., not “windowed”) fullscreen.

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Hmm, I’m not too sure then. Though while it does show up in the nvidia control panel it doesn’t show up in the basic windows resolution settings. Maybe I’ve done something wrong somewhere, I’ll look into it

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It’s probably better to create the custom resolution in the control panel or CRU, not in both. Then try a resolution app switcher like resomatic and see if it’s available there. Then you can start Retroarch automatically with a shortcut through that.

The monitor doesn’t have VRR? (Freesync or g-sync?) That sounds strange for a 160Hz display. Those almost always have VRR support, which takes care of running 60FPS content without needing to switch to 60Hz or 120Hz.

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It does have VRR but for the life of me I can’t get it to produce perfectly smooth scrolling. It does ‘improve’ frame pacing when running at 160hz over it not being on, but there’s still minor inconsistencies and I have no clue how to fix it.

If you set your video_refresh_rate to your monitor’s “native” refresh (in this case, 160.0) and enable “sync to exact content framerate”, you should be set.

I’ve tried that and no go :x Like I said, enabling it does improve things over it being off, but I still get small hitches. I’m not sure if it’s my monitor or if it has to do with my laptop having an AMD cpu with an iGPU, and a dedicated nvidia GPU that routes through it (not super familiar with laptop architecture but there’s a name for it) causing something funky. But yeah, I have the retroarch VRR config setup appropriately as far as I can tell.

Try different drivers (like glcore and vulkan) and also try enabling vsync in the RA settings. In my case, I’m running into jittery animation issues if I use vulkan without also enabling vsync, for example.