Custom xmb layout

Hey guys,

I love retroarch and I would like to know how can I build my own Menu layout to be able to custom menu size, list font size, pictures positions, etc. Well, pretty much everything about layout actually. I’m using Menu scale factor but feel a bit too limited to highlight information I want for my CRT tv.

Currently I can see two different layouts : console (which is also “auto” I guess) and handheld. I’ve noticed that Menu layout can set effect parameters, e.g. handheld layout have no scale animation effect for the main menu which can also be interesting for me.

Thanks !

There’s no easy/accessible way to do it. It’s all hardcoded in C files that need to be compiled to see the changes.

OK, would have been amazing to have like xml-something files to put custom layout aside :confused:

Thanks for your answer !