CyberLab Favourite Video Game Music Session

Back in the day and even now, listening to video game music brought me just as much joy, excitement and sometimes relaxation as playing the games themselves.

This thread is my attempt to share this form of enjoyment with you.

To be continued…


Those ‘Soldier’ games on the PCEngine always had some great tunes to them!

Great start, looking forward to more @Cyber!


Most definitely! It took me a while to really appreciate TurboGrafx-16 chiptunes though, after coming from a place of extreme SNES fanatism.

Eventually that was completely behind me when I first saw Gate of Thunder and begun to understand what that system was capable of.

Thanks, I intend to add even more chip/synth tunes I like to the first post but for CD/DA tracks I think they deserve to be in a separate post so without further ado here’s another CyberLab Video Game Music Session:

Wow! My phone battery almost died!

Hope you video game music fans enjoy this one just as much as I do and that people are able to discover games and systems that they never would have thought about playing through the music!

Stay tuned for more!


Yeah I was the only kid I knew of that had a TG-16, with the CD add-on. I would spend a ton of time just listening to the CD audio tracks of the Gate of Thunder / Lords of Thunder games, along with Dragon Slayer.

You’re putting up so many nostalgic tunes! I have the Momoco stage music from Final Zone II jamming at work right now. The gameplay was a little average but the music for that game made up for it. I’m sure my co-workers are wondering about me, haha.

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Well I was one of a select few.

I know this only too well!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the tunes man!

That shouldn’t matter one bit!

Anyway, here are some more awesome tracks!


Take a look at this video fellow video game music fans!

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You know what? It’s time for another session!

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