D-pad combos function makes Beetle-SS core all CPS2 games unplayable

In any Darkstalkers games, or in Street Fighter alpha 3, if you press Left/Right or Up/Down keys too fast to make them together, it will trigger in-game pause/select menu shows up.

OS: WIndows 10

RetroArch version: latest nightly git build (also with default settings).

Beetle-Saturn core version: latest nightly git build.

Controller: Keyboard

That may be something built into the game. Does it happen with non-CPS-2 games?

What I have tested after this thread, RE1 and Gunbird are fine (whatever you press D-pad combos nothing happened). But in The House of the Dead, if you press Left/Right keys together (Up/Down seems fine), same situation again,

Originally those are arcade games, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an inheritance from the portage : many arcade cabinets crash if you do that, emulators like FBNeo (and probably MAME) use workarounds to avoid opposite directions to be pressed at the same time.

Some cores like mGBA have an option to disable opposing directional inputs to prevent these issues. You could open a feature request for that in Beetle Saturn here.

I personally think simultaneous opposite cardinal direction (SOCD) cleaning should be in the frontend instead of the individual cores.

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Well, there are cases of games benefitting from this though (more like bug abuse actually : iirc super mario kart get permaboost from this), so it would still need to be something togglable in the frontend.

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Wow, learn a lot. Thanks all of you guys.

So what should do now? The Arcade SOCD feature must be cleaned, just like any other emulators/cores do, otherwise these games totally unplayable, especially most of CPS-2 games are fighting genre.

Maybe I should post this issue on github later.