D3d 8 and opengl1 or 3dfx core/wrapper

hi. today we have lot of power on our device, and dev have reach fantastic goal (like openlara). retropc with win95 games exist and lot of people use it. i don’t know if my idea is insane… is possible make a good core for emulate old d3d games (8 version) like a enhanced version of dosbox. tons of games of the past with superonline and singleplayer exist. is possible do a project like this?

It’s possible. But there’s no interest in making one.

However, you can use dgVoodoo 2 to run DX8 games on modern Windows. Not just DX8, it also supports DX7, DX6, and all other old DX versions. It also supports glide for 3dfx games. And DirectDraw games as well.

It’s really great. I’ve used it to play very old Windows games in Windows 10.

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There was some work done on a core of PCem years ago. Standalone has Voodoo support (and now also has a new maintainer apparently), but I haven’t seen indiciation of recent work on a core.