Default compilation flags of PPA ARM version

Good morning,

I’m trying to build from source on a Jetson Nano, but I encounter various segfaults after compilation depending on the flags used:

  • Default (ie no flag): ‘cannot connect to Wayland server’
  • disable-vulkan : segfault after setting video mode

Since the PPA version does launch (although I could not get it to correctly launch any game afterward, I get core dump at various stages), I wanted to know which compilation flags were used for the PPA version so I can at least rebuild it, then move step by step

Note that most of the cores compile, but I can’t seem to be able to install them manually to be used with the PPA version.

Thanks and regards

There are no additional flags beyond what’s auto-detected in the configure and makefile scripts.

When I build manually retroarch using the following steps, I get a crash since it tries to use Wayland

./ make clean make

whereas if I install manually the PPA version, it clearly does not use Wayland

So I’m assuming the PPA build is done on a reference platform, for which the flags are different than on my platform, so I would welcome the output of the ./configure script

That said I enabled Wayland on the Jetson, and the above steps work (and I can run at least one core, tested using Genesis core)

Here’s the buildlog:

Thanks, that should help